"I have been going to Dr. Potepalov for many years. What sets him apart from other dentists are his professionalism, dedication, and deep knowledge of his field. I was told by two other doctors that one of my teeth could not be saved. Dr. Potepalov came-up with a plan to save my tooth. I am forever grateful for what he has done and I always recommend him to friends and family"

Angelika K. , East Brunswick

"Dr. Potepalov is amazing! He extracted one of my wisdom teeth. He used a dental laser in my mouth and I left the office with no pain. I was told after the surgery that I might have swelling and pain, for which I was  prescribed medication. I came home and was waiting for the pain to start. And it never happened! This is the best dental experience of my life. I didn't feel the shot, nor any pain or discomfort during the procedure. I was able to eat normally by the next day. I cannot thank enough the doctor and his lovely staff for taking such a good care of me."

Dental Star Patient

"I have been suffering with my old denture for a very long time. I went to see Dr. Potepalov, who made me new ones and I haven't had a single problem with them for years. Thank you doc, for letting me enjoy my food and smile."

Thomas L. , Jackson, NJ

"Dr. Potepalov gave me the most beautiful and comfortable smile I had in my life. I had  implants placed and then finished with crowns. Doctor and his staff took a very good care of me, and I will miss them until my next appointment in 6 months. Thank you so much! You are the best!"

Ivan B. , Old Bridge, NJ


"Doctor is my dentist since I was a baby. Thanks to him my teeth are clean, healthy, and straight!"

Debby K. , Morganville, NJ

"Dr. Potepalov turned my life around and gave me the best smile I ever had. I wish I was going to him when I was younger. I'm bringing my son to him every 6 months. We love Dental Star! And his staff is the nicest girls, who will take care of you like you are their own."

Anna S. , Edison, NJ

" We are (family of 4) patients of Dr. Potepalov for 6 years. This doctor is very knowledgeable, he does really good job. Dr. Potepalov office is very clean and modern. We highly recommend him."

Dental Star Patient

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